Friday, October 8, 2010

rym kick-off event is tomorrow!

i will ride my bike.
i will go.
i will stay.
i will offer incense. i will offer light.
i will lay out cushions.
i will sit.
i will wait.
people may come, people may sit, people may dialogue, people may learn. 
people may hear the words of sogyal rinpoche for the first time (or the millionth).
i will start something -
even if nobody is there -
something will begin.
something is always beginning.
something has always already begun.
there is no knowing where we are going,
but once on the path, there's only one choice: keep moving forward.
everything is the path, nothing is not the path. 
walk the path, 
ride the path, 
ride your mind.

velo cult. 2220 fern street. 
south park san diego.

come one pedal-push closer to enlightenment.