Monday, September 27, 2010

blowin' it up

pair o' lip-wrapped juice glasses for the folks

fresh-squeezed OJ in fresh-made glass

kale, collard, mustard, chard celery, radish, cuke... pretty in pink!  the lip wrap on these is surprisingly better looking with juice than I expected. I'll be sad to see these go (good to give the presents a trial run before gifting though!)

a glimpse of the first CSA. yes we did manage to eat all the passion fruits. wow.
more sketches for glass are underway - drawing is free and blowing is not, so i'm honing my ideas in pencil for the moment and saving up to get back into the hot shop again soon. all that mandala offering is finally showing up as something more than a pile of barley and stones now that my favorite art form has re-entered my life - and visualization practices pay off big time as I start wrestling with muscle memory lain 5 years dormant. blowpipe, jacks and paper get just as familiar through imagining them as holding them. glassblowing beats poetry, film-making and weaving hands down (well that, and my poor loom is sitting in ohio of all places).

balance, breath and beauty. what more could you ask for.

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